Why join a Fraternity?

Membership in a college fraternity can be a unique influence in a man’s personal development and an invaluable addition to his educational experience. Distinguished men in every field of endeavor and every sector of community and national life have acclaimed their college fraternity membership as one of the most significant factors in their personal growth because fraternity living offers insights and experiences that cannot be found in any classroom or textbook. The personal relationships, mutual endeavors, leadership opportunities and daily shared experiences of fraternity life all contribute to prepare a man to live and work with others in a spirit of cooperation, respect, and understanding.

Why do our members join?

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Personal development outside the classroom
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Alumni networking potential
  • Intramural sports that foster a competitive environment
  • Chance to mix with sororities and other campus organizations


PIKE provides an arena for developing leadership skills that will benefit members throughout their lives.

I strongly benefited from the broad range of leadership experiences I received as president of my PIKE chapter.

Jeff Taylor
UMass, Theta Mu ’79
Founder and Former CEO of Monster.com

Chapters are organized similar to a corporation, led by an executive team of undergraduates. The executive team oversees various committee chairs in the areas of finance, operations, recruitment, and continuing education to name a few. There are numerous opportunities to hone your leadership and management skills.

By being a part of one of the largest fraternal organizations in North America, our members enjoy the opportunity to not only gain elite leadership experience while in college, but to network with our highly successful alumni in their post-graduate careers.

Pike U is North America’s premier fraternal leadership training conference series with over 10 regional and international events every year. With curriculum rivaling the caliber of any corporate training program, Pike U develops principled leadership, management, and personal development in a way that prepares our members for success in life.


PIKE believes athletic competition encourages young men to challenge each other and to perform at their highest levels. We seek men who push themselves to be great at everything they do.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

Steve Prefontaine
Oregon, Gamma Pi ’70
Track and Field Hall of Fame

We believe that through athletic competition, we build teamwork skills fundamental to success in the business world, bolster unity within the chapter, contribute to the physical and mental health of our members, and improve the quality of the overall college experience. Competition breeds excellence—in the classroom, on the playing fields, and in our daily lives.